Quickly teach your children how to draw old Man Ding and old Mrs. Ding
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Old Man Ding is a popular cartoon style character in the folk, popular throughout China in the 1980s, because of his catchy ballads, surprising painting style, not only exercise brain power, but also fun games, so very popular.

Formula for drawing:

Old Man Ding: An old man Ding, owe me two balls, I said three days to pay, four days not pay, circle him. Three leeks 33 cents, a piece of tofu 66 cents, a string of sugar gourd 77 cents.

Mrs. Ding: A cake is big and round,Hang two leaves in the middle,Three horizontal, one vertical, three turns,A little flower 33 cents,A dress is 66 cents and two buttons are 77 cents.

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