【 Valentine's Day 】 Give some love to children!
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      In the United States, Valentine's Day is not only for couples, but also a day to convey love and express love. An article on the American Academy of Pediatrics website offers several ways parents can show their children they love them on Valentine's Day.

     In China, it is said that having a child is a lover in a previous life. How to express love to children on this day of love? Gifts may be a good way for us to show our love to our children.
   The following small series for you to recommend a few Wingart    products, let the child harvest full of "love".


Volcanic rocks:

Product features: decompression, intelligence, no color, no hand, not easy to dry, easy to clean, no smell


Hand-painted creative plaster:

Product features: easy to think, free creativity, cultivate focus, color sense training, improve interest in hands, delicate feel, environmental material


Children dig for dinosaur fossils:

Product features: Carefully selected plaster to protect the skin of small hands, reduce the proportion of the original size of the dinosaur skeleton, skeleton can be splinted, restore the truth, exercise children's patience and focus


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